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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  December 27, 2015 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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for monday morning into tuesday morning. windy conditions with cold temperatures continue as a winter storm moves into the area. this storm brings windy conditions along with snow accumulations between 6 and 11 inches. southeast south dakota should expect 5-8" of snow; northeast nebraska should expect 8-10" of snow; western iowa should expect 9-12" of snow. the rest of the week seems to be quiet but very cold with temperatures 3 staying below 30 degrees. 3
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3 weather's worst hazard is making a comeback with those icy, sleeky roads ahead. now south sioux city police wants to give you, road safety tips.police say always carry a charged cell phone, but don't rely on it to get you bad out of a situation, as service may not be available. also, carry a winter travel survival kit and be sure to let someone you know when you are leaving and on your way to a destination. keep your gas tank full and make sure your tires are properly inflated as well. 3 "slow down, take your time. precede with caution wherever you are going, and don't hurry things. stay off your cell off your wireless devices, don't fumble around with those if its really best thing to do is just pull off to the side side
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phone."3 if you do get into an accident, officer caskey says, it's important to move off to the side of the road, turn hazard lights on, and call 911. 3 3 sioux city fire rescue battled some blaze at a home this afternoon. 3 it all happened when a fire broke out just before 2 this afternoon in a kitchen at a home in the 15-hundred block of villa street. by the time firefighters got there, the kitchen was fully on fire. investigators say the resident had left the kitchen oven on *cleaning mode*. multiple fire engines were on the scene assisting. and thankfully, no one was injured. 3 3 funeral services will be taking place tomorrow, for a beloved spencer athlete who died last saturday.18-year-old austin roberts collapsed on the mats at a wrestling tournament. austin was later pronounced dead at spencer hospital on december 19th. he was a senior at spencer high school, and also played on the offensive and defensive lines of the spencer tigers football team.
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held tomorrow at 10-30 a.m. at spencer high school fieldhouse. 3 tornadoes ripped through parts of the south yesterday..and in their wake.. damages to hundreds of structures, homes... claiming the lives of at least 11 people. reid binion reports. 3 a devastating scene in texas sunday..aerial views of destruction where homes once stood.. now reduced to nothing. "our key focas is this, and that is the first rescue and recovery. second, aiding and assisting those who need to get to shelter. third is, helping families in communities."late saturday, severe storms 3 and tornadoes tore through parts of dallas... with winds traveling between 150-200 miles per hour.. according to the national weather service. the storm blew off roofs, mangled vehicles, downed power lines, toppled trees...nat pop - "oh it's a big tornado. big, big, strong tornado." areas
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the brunt of the unrelenting weather..nat pop - "oh! there's stuff flying in the air."at least 11 people were killed -- some along interstate 30 where police say cars appeared to have been thrown from the road.many watched the nightmare unfold from their homes. (witness) "it was a just a dark funnel and it was a big roar. it was really scary. it scared me. i don't scare that easy but it scared me."nat pop others now trying to salvage what's left. out of nowhere it happens. you're words. left without a home."reporting. 3 the severe 3 weather already moving on to other states like oklahoma and new mexico - where a historic blizzard is pounding those areas with heavy snow. 3 3 friends and family of bettie jones, one of the two victims shot and killed by the chicago police, assembled for a vigil this afternoon. 3 police say an officer
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jones when they responded to a domestic disturbance call early saturday morning, involving jones' neighbors. officers say nineteen-year-old quin-tonio le-(greer) grier was reportedly threatening his father with a bat. the teen's father called police.when police arrived on the scene, they say legrier was combative. that's when police fatally shot legrier and they say the 55-year-old woman was accidentally struck by bullets. 3 "even thought we had the national embarrasment of the lequon mcdonald murder, nothing has really changed. even with this incident. trigger happy cops, are still engaged in senseless murders of people of color."jones' friends and family jones' friends 3 and family remembered her a beautiful and loving woman who enjoyed going to church.police say the officer will be on administrative duty pending an investigation. 3 3 tonight, the bago boys made their debut at the orpheum theater in sioux
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showing of the bago boys documentary,a production by the nebraska education telecommunications or n-e-t-v. bago boys highlights the first championship for the winnebago basketball's the first big win for them in 75 years. so, n-e-t-v traveled to winnebago after the win, and for two weeks, they documented their struggle to become state champions. tonight's showing was exclusively just for family, friends, student athletes in winnebago. 3 "just for the young ones to come out and see that it's possible to make a state run, especially from our community. we've never had one in 75 years, never got close in 75 years so it's pretty big for our community to come out and see it."the video will be officially released to the public in march of 20-16. 3 3
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standing one-child policy, as lawmakers approved legislation today.that legislation, allows each couple to have two children. the one-child policy was put in place in the 19-70s. it had been eased in recent years, but today's decision effectively dismantles it entirely. the ruling community party said today's decision was a response to the country's aging population. but amnesty international says, more changes are needed, citing coercive forms of contraception and forced abortions. 3 3 flooding caused by el nino has displaced more than 150- thousand people in south america. 3 most of them are in paraguay, the worst-hit area.this video is from argentina where 20- thousand people were evacuated. at least 38 cities were inundated in brazil, with rio grande do sul state the most affected.the country's president plans to tour the area.
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week..and more snow ahead of us. kayla's got your full forecast, coming up after the break. 3
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jetske and kayla talk 3 about the weather forecast. 3 winter storm warning in effect for monday tuesday morning. windy with cold temperatures continue as a moves into the area. this storm conditions along with snow accumulations 11 inches. southeast should expect 5-8" of snow; northeast should expect 8-10" of snow; western iowa should expect the rest of the week seems to be
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3 and siouxland's not the only one about to face snow storms...texas has already had quite the snow drift this weekend.more than 20 stranded drivers so far on u-s 60 and 70 because of snow drifts eight to 10 feet tall on the roadways..according to parmer county officials.. now, travel across the panhandle and new mexico is limited as officials discourage people being on the roads. interstate 40 at soncy all the way to the new mexico state will be shut down through the night. the sheriff's office in castro county is also urging people to stay off the roads because emergency vehicles are not able to reach certain areas. 3 still ahead on siouxland news, firebombed...a target of vandalism at a mosque in
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islamic community is demanding answers..calling it a hate
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tetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetete3 3 3 this morning, republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson was on face with the nation. 3 the candidate focused on the current status of his campaign, as he answered questions about his expertise in foreign policy. 3 john dickerson: so any changes to your campaign that are coming?ben carson: there will be some, some alterations. you know, we've been looking in every particular area. one thing i want to do is haves a much more robust response to attacks, particularly when
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we've kind of taken a nonchalant attitude toward that, i think that's the wrong thing to do. so you'll see much more aggressiveness in that region.carson added that he is prepared to make improvements to his presidential campaign..saying he wants to make sure that the american people absolutely recognize the choice that they have. 3 democratic presidential nominee senator bernie sanders of vermont, also on face the nation...sanders focused on the current status of his campaign in contrast with the campaign of leading republican presidential nominee donald trump. 3 "people are 3 very worried about how they're going dignity. and that's why i believe we social security benefits. those are the issues
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and what i'm that what trump has done, with is taken that anger, taken that -- those are legitimate, and converted them to be into mexicans, anger against muslims."sanders also discussed the recent developments in the sandra bland case, where an african- american woman was found dead in police custody three days after being arrested. 3 3 firebombed before morning prayer at a mosque in california. now the local islamic community is demanding answers after the tracy mosque became a target for vandals.the "tracy islamic center" is still cleaning up after religious leaders say someone "firebombed" the place. it happened yesterday morning..,congregation members found "fire damage" on a side door. leaders say this is the first time they've dealt with such hate at their mosque.but say crimes against mosques nationwide is "unprecedented ."officals are calling on local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to investigate the vandalism as a hate crime. 3
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watch, a complete stranger helps a family with an 8-month-old baby with leukemia..we'll show you what the parents of this baby, are saying..and the miracle they're celebrating, thanks to a generous donation. 3 hello. i'm mark hyman.a chainsaw is a 3 valuable tool in cutting down trees. but using it the wrong way could case serious injury. or death. misusing any tool can have negative consequences. profiling is a valuable tool in intelligence and law enforcement. unfortunately, it has been abused. some police officers have stopped motorists for d-w-b . . . driving while black. this isn't just illegal. it's 3 unconstitutional.but don't end profiling because some have abused it.emerging evidence
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officials overlooked or perhaps ignored warning signs regarding the san bernardino husband and wife terror team. the man brought home from saudi arabia a woman who was essentially an internet bride. u-s officials approved her visa in spite of giving a fake address and posting social media comments favorable toward violent islamic jihad. she also had ties to a radical cleric . . . and a notorious mosque. saudi arabia and her birth country, . . .pakistan, . . . have both produced countless islamic jihadists. all of these are clear warning signs.yet there are suggestions federal authorities avoid any behavior that might be considered profiling of muslims. so they ignore obvious warning signs of those most likely to engage in violent islamic jihad. or they go to the other extreme and treat everyone as if they are about to blow-up an airliner. this makes the entire terror-screening process bloated, . . .unmanageable . . . and ineffective.profiling might have prevented the san bernardino terror attack. bernardino san prevented the have ineffective.. . . and .unmanageable . . . and ineffective.profiling might have prevented the have profiling might ineffective.. . . and .unmanageable bloated, . . .unmanageable . . . and ineffective.profiling might
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bernardino terror comment, go to behind the
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hyman.tetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetetete3 3 3 a louisiana family is getting what they're calling a miracle.their eight-month-old son, a patient at children's hospital is supposed to start a new cancer treatment in baltimore, maryland. reporter jade cunningham explains how a person they've never met is
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3 "he's given everyone strength." 8-month old jett self is a fighter."he's a miracle baby that's for sure."born with a rare form of leukemia "it's a day i'll never forget."life for him is room 435 ... at children's hospital.brittany self/jett's mother"multiple, multiple rounds of chemo that makes him very sick, gives him mouth sores that makes it difficult for him to eat." doctors say they've done what they can.renee gardner/atten ding physician"this is very difficult to treat form of leukemia.""to see him not going into remission like this, or at least to go into relapse, full relapse, has been very difficult.""jett hasn't responded to treatments here at the children's hospital. his parents though have found a trial that's unfortunately more than 1100 miles away, in baltimore."3 getting there isn't easy."we couldn't go commercial because his immune system is very low and being around the holiday
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being around is very low and immune system is very low and the holiday public airports are so crowded. just a simple common cold can be fatal for him."before the trial starts ..."it's a blessing." a stranger from north louisiana gives hope."davison trucking is offering his personal jet." "my congressman abraham called me and made me aware of it." "we're happy to help this child at this time and where we're we can so we're glad to do it and we wish for good results for him."the self's say it's a christmas miracle. "we've very thankful." something the family needs ... as their miracle continues to fight.jade cunningham, eyewitness news. 3 3 muskies and more...kayla's got all your sports highlights of the big games, coming up after
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break.3 3 3 the sioux city musketeers head to fargo once again this week.
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2.. they definitely were looking for some revenge this week and a win on the road before returning home, 3 heading to the 1st period... muskees alex steeves with the shot... but ryan wischow holds it for the save... still no scorelater....jackson keane passes to jacob wilson... the wrister meets the top shelf... muskees up 1 to 2nd period... fargo's blake lizotte skating into the zone... he makes the shot...but cameron garnet defects it.. and saves it again... wilkins picks it up to keep the score 1 to nothing later in the 2nd... force get the poke check.. but steeves keeps it in... another pass back to steeves... who takes it and puts it in the back of the net... now 2 to nothing... the sioux city musketeers go on to get their win 3 to 1... 3 now onto some nfl. where carson palmer and the cardinals take on the green bay packers... going to the 2nd quarter... palmer falls back.. send one straight to larry fitzgerald to get on the
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all the way in thwe 4th..
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